Taryn + Dan are engaged! // PA Engagement Photographer


Taryn & Dan will be getting married next April at the gorgeous Friedman Farms which will be a day filled with beautiful details I’m sure. I love the navy dress she chose for the first half of their session – so fun!! They’re a super cute couple with the cutest little dog, Harley, who we obviously had to include =)DSC_7978 DSC_8004 DSC_8015 DSC_8023 DSC_8046 DSC_8071 DSC_8072 DSC_8124 DSC_8140 DSC_8149 DSC_8184 DSC_8188 DSC_8206 DSC_8211 DSC_8217 DSC_8230 DSC_8258 DSC_8272 DSC_8304 DSC_8308 DSC_8333 DSC_8344 DSC_8351 DSC_8369 DSC_8401 DSC_8403 DSC_8410 DSC_8422 DSC_8430 DSC_8443 DSC_8458 DSC_8488 DSC_8514 DSC_8543 DSC_8551 DSC_8557 DSC_8568 DSC_8590 DSC_8591 DSC_8662 DSC_8664 DSC_8700 DSC_8720 DSC_8723 DSC_8752 DSC_8775

Sarah + Jon // Stonehedge Country Club Wedding


Sarah + Jon were married in mid-August and had their reception at the beautiful Stonehedge Country Club. The views from the club are amazing and it made for such a perfect backdrop especially considering they also had their engagement pictures done here. Sarah is such a classic beauty she would look beautiful in any setting + Jon kept us laughing the entire time. So happy they had me as part of their day =)DSC_9681 DSC_9683 DSC_9697 DSC_9698 DSC_9753 DSC_9754 DSC_9755 DSC_9768 DSC_9772 DSC_9773 DSC_9783 DSC_9793 DSC_9797 DSC_9812 DSC_9828 DSC_9840 DSC_9841 DSC_9842 DSC_9932 DSC_9940 DSC_9971 DSC_9988 DSC_9997 DSC_9998 DSC_9999 DSC_10000 DSC_10001 DSC_10002 DSC_10003 DSC_10004 DSC_10005 DSC_10006 DSC_10007 DSC_10008DSC_0187DSC_0188DSC_0199DSC_0211DSC_0212DSC_0229DSC_0273DSC_0349DSC_0356DSC_0491DSC_0499DSC_0500DSC_0504DSC_0505DSC_0506DSC_0660DSC_0681DSC_0699DSC_0722DSC_0728DSC_0741DSC_0742DSC_0775DSC_0806DSC_0828DSC_0843DSC_0844DSC_0904DSC_0915DSC_0929DSC_0932DSC_0943DSC_0944DSC_945DSC_0958DSC_0504DSC_0963DSC_0976DSC_0987DSC_0994DSC_995DSC_1007DSC_1020DSC_1054DSC_1055DSC_0505DSC_1068DSC_1069DSC_1072DSC_1094DSC_1095DSC_1115DSC_1116DSC_1127DSC_1132 - CopyDSC_1188DSC_0501DSC_0502DSC_0503DSC_1137DSC_1149DSC_1365DSC_1382DSC_1386DSC_1445DSC_1446DSC_1521DSC_1544DSC_1565DSC_1569DSC_1654DSC_1669DSC_1711DSC_1733DSC_1743

Matt + Jess are married! // Scranton Cultural Center Wedding


Matt + Jess had such a fun wedding and Jess had some of the most amazing details. LOVED her shoes and their bouquets + the bright color combo that they went with. They had one of the most fun bridal parties + receptions where the dance floor was filled all night. You could really tell that they’re loved by so many.

DSC_6689 DSC_6697 DSC_6742 DSC_6757 DSC_6775 DSC_6789 DSC_6790 DSC_6799 DSC_6823 DSC_6824 DSC_6864 DSC_6865 DSC_6868 DSC_6877 DSC_6886 DSC_6894 DSC_6899 DSC_6904 DSC_6911 DSC_6914 DSC_6941 DSC_6958 DSC_6959 DSC_6963 DSC_6987 DSC_6994 DSC_6995 DSC_7032 DSC_7035 DSC_7036 DSC_7047 DSC_7056 DSC_7108 DSC_71410017-DSC_71050023-DSC_71110029-DSC_71170041-DSC_71290091-DSC_71790108-DSC_71960203-DSC_729100204-DSC_72920225-DSC_73130289-DSC_73770304-DSC_73920390-DSC_74780409-DSC_7497 DSC_7198 DSC_7206 DSC_7255 DSC_7256 DSC_7261 DSC_7295 DSC_7336 DSC_7428 DSC_7615 DSC_7638 DSC_7639 DSC_7657 DSC_7658 DSC_7681 DSC_7695 DSC_7700 DSC_7769 DSC_7791 DSC_7796 DSC_7797 DSC_7823 DSC_7869 DSC_7879 DSC_7880 DSC_7894 DSC_7897 DSC_7898 DSC_7921 DSC_7932 DSC_7945 DSC_7955 DSC_7957 DSC_7958 DSC_7959 DSC_7978 DSC_8010 DSC_8011 DSC_8039 DSC_8040 DSC_8054 DSC_8076 DSC_8080 DSC_8098 DSC_8113 DSC_8118 DSC_8119 DSC_8141 DSC_8200 DSC_8211 DSC_8212 DSC_8254 DSC_8277 DSC_8287 DSC_8288 DSC_8335 DSC_8363 DSC_8426 DSC_8511 DSC_8514 DSC_8545 DSC_8569 DSC_8574 DSC_8575 DSC_8657 DSC_8658 DSC_8809 DSC_8819 DSC_8885 DSC_8890 DSC_8923 DSC_8936 DSC_8949 DSC_8975 DSC_8986 DSC_9034 DSC_9060 DSC_9061

High School Senior Photographer // Cassie 2015



Loved this girl and her mom! They were so sweet and this session was so fun despite the gloomy weather we had.DSC_2780 DSC_2823 DSC_2843 DSC_2866 DSC_2867 DSC_2882 DSC_2884 DSC_2900 DSC_2901 DSC_2910 DSC_2912 DSC_2926 DSC_2934 DSC_2940 DSC_2957 DSC_2962 DSC_2965 DSC_2991 DSC_3031 DSC_3052 DSC_3064 DSC_3080 DSC_3095 DSC_3105 DSC_3107 DSC_3112 DSC_3127 DSC_3130 DSC_3137 DSC_3148 DSC_3152 DSC_3159 DSC_3182 DSC_3201 DSC_3207 DSC_3209 DSC_32192014-08-21_0008 DSC_3242 DSC_3244 DSC_3253 DSC_3254 DSC_3281 DSC_3291

Megan + Luke are married! // Scranton, PA


Just a few from Megan + Luke’s pretty August 2nd wedding. Megan’s the ultimate girly girl and had the best accessories and details. As for Luke, it was really important to him that we include trains so we headed to the train station and I think it was such a great idea. These two were such a fun couple and I loved being there to celebrate with them!DSC_3347 DSC_3348 DSC_3403 DSC_3439 DSC_3440 DSC_3447 DSC_3461 DSC_3466 DSC_3469 DSC_3602 DSC_3613 DSC_3627 DSC_3635 DSC_3648 DSC_3678 DSC_3684 DSC_3727DSC_3605 DSC_3756 DSC_3805 DSC_3839 DSC_4004 DSC_4005 DSC_4065 DSC_4096 DSC_4108 DSC_4109 DSC_4116 DSC_41532014-08-20_0006 DSC_4275 DSC_4289 DSC_4290 DSC_4346 DSC_4347 DSC_4376 DSC_4379 DSC_4395 DSC_4405 DSC_4422 DSC_4425 DSC_4482 DSC_4485 DSC_4493 DSC_4509 DSC_4517 DSC_4525 DSC_4526 DSC_4534 DSC_4553 DSC_4554 DSC_4572 DSC_4598 DSC_4604 DSC_4606 DSC_4607 DSC_4644 DSC_4664 DSC_4670 DSC_4703 DSC_4704 DSC_4870 DSC_4884 DSC_4909 DSC_4916

Rich + Justine are engaged! // Dallas, PA


I may be biased but I loved this session.. Rich proposed using the yellow umbrella so it was only fitting that we incorporated it =)234567891213 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68

Katie + Rick are engaged! // Clarks Summit, PA


We went to Beezup’s Tree Farm in Clarks Summit for Katie +  Rick’s session and it was a gorgeous setting. It was one of the gloomier Saturdays that we’ve had but you’d never know it =)

I get to shoot Katie + Rick’s NYE wedding this year!